Primitives by Kathy Box Signs

While browsing Pinterest, looking for home decorating inspiration, we came across some creative uses for Primitives by Kathy signs. Some Pinterest users are very creative!  The Woods Gifts has a wide variety of Primitives by Kathy box signs for sale and we’re always interested in providing some fun home decorating tips. For this blog post we drew inspiration from some imaginative Pinterest users. We hope you find the information interesting and can gather some inspiration for your own home.

Modern Wall Art Design

One Pinterest user arranged their Primitives by Kathy box signs in a funky, modern design on their wall.  These boxes are chic and have a floating appearance when they are hung. In this particular case, hanging the signs on a light wall really makes the black and white box signs stand out.

Mantle Decoration

While this Pinterest user used a Halloween themed Primitives by Kathy box sign for this design, the basic arrangement can apply all year long.  If you have a mantle you’re probably looking for redecorating ideas from time to time.  Making your Primitives by Kathy box signs the centerpiece of your decorating design can kick the creativity up a notch.

Other Home Surfaces

Some other ideas we saw on Pinterest included Primitives by Kathy box signs on bedside tables, coat racks and more.  They are the perfect addition to any home’s decorating design plan.  Whether you have them hanging on the wall or sitting on a surface in your home, they’re sure to draw the eye.  They are beautifully crafted and will potentially stand out in your home.

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Gifts for Friends: Primitives by Kathy

What do you love most about your closest friends? That’s probably a pretty tough question to answer. There are so many things that we rely on our friends for throughout the year. As you’re shopping for gifts for them this holiday season, keep Primitives by Kathy in mind. These hilarious hanging and box signs make the perfect heartfelt gift. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the reasons we all love our best friends.

They Can Keep a Secret

A good friend is a good listener. They know what to say to make us feel better, but also know what they can and cannot share with others. Our closest friends know the “real us,” but they love us anyway. And the good news is they’ll never be able to get rid of us because of all the knowledge we hold. Life-long friendships are strengthened during the good and bad times.

They Know How to Make Us Laugh

Sometimes the best way to deal with a situation is by just laughing at ourselves. Our best friends can help remind us of that. When life gets too hard, or stressful, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. A great friend knows exactly how and when to administer that kind of laugh therapy, even if it’s at our expense sometimes.

As Close as Family

Sometimes we have friends who get so close they grow to be more like family. They become the brothers and sisters we got to choose on our own. We interact with them the way we would a sibling. We listen to our closest friends differently and respect what they have to say. But we can also fight like family. At the end of the day, it’s love that keeps us together as a family.

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Featured Decor: Primitives by Kathy

If you’ve landed at The Woods Gifts, you’re probably looking for home decor. That’s a good thing because we have plenty! In this blog, we’re going to feature one of our home decor creators, Primitives by Kathy. Her funky style makes for great gifts or personal home decor.

Graphic Wood Signs
Primitives by Kathy specializes in making creative graphic wood signs. These signs are box signs, so they can free-stand or hang on the wall to be displayed. Their primitive, rustic style gives them a unique look. Many of the signs are black and white, so they’ll match any color theme you have established.

  • Friendship: Many of Primitives by Kathy’s signs feature quotes about friendship. If you’re looking for that perfect birthday gift or just want to show how much your friendship means, a sign can be the perfect thing.
  • Funny: Funny and quirky graphic wood sings are perfect to give away as a gift or keep for yourself. They’re sure to lighten the mood and put a smile on people’s faces.
  • Animal Lover: Are you the quintessential animal lover? Then these hanging signs would be perfect for your home. Any true pet fanatic can appreciate a sentiment about the love and care that goes into raising a pet.  

Other Popular Home Decor
Primitives by Kathy has more for the home besides signs. Other popular home decor is available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. We have a wide selection, so don’t be afraid to look around. Some of the other popular decor includes:

  • Boxes: Decorative boxes are handy to have throughout your home. They can hold keys, remotes, knick knacks and other small items.
  • Pillows: These primitive-style pillows are perfect for the home, cabin or lake. Some have funny sayings, while others are welcoming.  
  • Picture Frames: If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a couple more worth? These creative frames are a fun way to display your favorite memories. PICT

Interested in more Primitives by Kathy? Visit any of our retail locations or browse our selection online.