Celebrating the Great Outdoors with Primitives by Kathy Funny Box Signs

Summer is nearly here, and what better way to celebrate than with Primitives by Kathy Funny Box Signs? There are plenty of funny signs that celebrate all things summer and outdoors! So erase all of the memories of this particularly cold, snowy and dreary winter with some of these funny signs.

For example, there are several different versions of this cute and funny Primitives by Kathy Funny Box Signs:

Then, if you need to remind your guests of the “cabin rules,” you should definitely consider this one:

For a friendly welcome to your guests and other people, why not purchase this one?

Summertime brings to mind campfires, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. This is one of the Primitives by Kathy Funny Box Signs that brings that to mind!

This one is great for displaying your favorite lake-side memory.

And this one is a cute reminder to sit back, relax and enjoy the memories you, your family and your friends are creating with one another.

This is yet another good reminder from Primitives by Kathy Funny Box Signs.

And, finally, while not a box sign, here’s a punny one that doubles as a pillow.

So when you need reminders of fun times at the lake or at the cabin, why not purchase a few of these Primitives by Kathy Funny Box Signs? What better way to remember all of the good times you and your loved ones have in the great outdoors! They are sure to bring to mind warm days spent swimming at the lake and cool nights sitting around the campfire. You can look at these any time of year, especially if it’s cold outside, and take a mental vacation!

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