Funny Home Décor: The Easiest Way to Brighten Up Your Home

We’ve all heard the old saying that laughter is the best medicine. But did you know it’s also the best way to decorate your home? Few things in life are more pleasant than sharing a joke and some laughs with your family and friends! Laughter is a great stress-reliever and can help people form emotional bonds with one another. The Funny Sign has plenty of funny home decorations to enhance your funny home décor – it’s not just a clever name!
Funny home décor can brighten up even the most somber of homes. When you add a funny sign or two (or three… or four…), the laughter you’ll hear when your guests see them will add an intangible design element to your home: one that you can’t buy no matter how much you spend.
The Funny Sign sells plenty of humorous signs that will help liven up your funny home décor. Here are just a few of our favorites:


Give this one to your closest friend to show him or her how you really feel about your friendship!

Best Friends Box

Hang this one up in your living room to show people you have a deep philosophical side.Dream of Better World

This one is great for your kitchen. What makes it even funnier is that it is so very true!


This is an oldie but goodie. Hang this one up near your husband’s man cave, just to remind him who’s really in charge!Fish without a bicycle

 This one is good for the foyer: a friendly reminder to your guests to remove their shoes!Remove your shoes

And if these don’t tickle your fancy, we have plenty of other funny signs to help you personalize your funny home décor to your unique style, taste and sense of humor. If you need more information, give us a call at (888) 838-4067. If you want to see what other people are buying, you can also visit the Bestsellers section of our website!

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