Sarcasm Makes You Smarter? Yeah, Right.

Can sarcasm make you smarter and a better problem-solver? Scientists seem to think so! Research suggests that when you hear sarcasm, your brain has to work harder to understand it. And this extra work helps us solve problems more creatively and helps us think on our feet better.

Sarcasm is a way to say what you mean by saying the opposite. It’s often seen as a gentler and funnier way to make fun of someone or to convey a point you are trying to make. But no matter what way you use it, sarcasm can be one of the most amusing forms of humor.

So why not make yourself just a bit sharper and smarter by buying one of our Primitives by Kathy Sarcastic Box Signs? You’ll be sure to find one that not only makes you smarter, it’ll make you chuckle too!

One of the funniest Primitives by Kathy Sarcastic Box Signs we sell is this gem right here:

This is a hilarious way to tell someone that you think they are wrong! This wisecrack is sure to delight the recipient or, if it’s a gift for yourself, it’s sure to make your guests laugh when they see it.

Primitives by Kathy Sarcastic Box Signs also have a great comeback to someone who is in a grumpy mood. If you’re dealing with a Gloomy Gus and need a funny way to lighten the mood, this one might do the trick:

These signs can also be a sarcastic reminder to your family that they need to do their own chores and not expect you to clean up after them! Sometimes, a little humor can go a long way.

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Man Cave Decorations

Does the special guy in your life deserve a treat? If so, you have come to the right spot! Our Man Cave Signs will be sure to bring a smile to your guy’s face. Here are a few of the man cave signs we have for sale!

This pillow is a funny way to welcome people to his man cave. If your guy is goofy or has a silly sense of humor, this is a perfect gift for him. (And it’s probably a pretty apt description of his man cave too!)

Bacon. It’s every guy’s favorite food. When you start to think of bacon and its delicious aroma, you can’t help but wish you had a plate of it right in front of you. This sign is a great addition to any man cave since it will remind your guy of his favorite food.

If your guy’s man cave is in his garage, then he’s the type who likes to ticker on cars, motorcycles or other “toys” like that. This sign is a simple reminder of the main rule of his man cave:

This one definitely ties into the sign mentioned above. If your guy is a fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles, this is a great choice for him since it’s probably how he feels anyway!

If you want to add some humor while making a not-so-subtle hint, this sign might be a good gift. It’s a great motto for any guy and a good reminder to never let the beer run out!

So, you can see there are plenty of choices to help your special guy decorate his man cave with funny signs that are sure to tickle his funny bone.

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Turn Your Frown Upside Down with Humorous Signs

What’s the best way to turn a cold and gray day into a warm and happy day? Why not shop through The Funny Sign‘s collection of humorous signs?

It’s the dead of winter for most of the country. Some areas are seeing record cold temperatures thanks to the polar vortex. These same areas are also seeing record amounts of snowfall. Day in and day out, it’s the same steel-gray skies, cold temperatures and snow-covered ground. People are bundled up, and it seems like no one has a smile to share anymore.

That’s why we here at The Funny Sign recommend checking out our selection of humorous signs and treating yourself (or someone you love!) to one of these signs. They are guaranteed to make even the chilliest person crack a smile. The physical act of laughing can actually be a great cardio workout. And laughter can definitely help improve people’s moods!

So if you take the time to browse our site and pick out some humorous signs for yourself and someone you love, you can really perk up someone’s otherwise gloomy and dreary day. You can help warm up an otherwise bleak day by giving the gift of humorous signs. It’s an especially nice surprise right after the holidays when most people are not expecting a gift of any sort.

Turn a frown upside down! Humorous signs are definitely the way to go, and with our wide variety, you will find the perfect sign for yourself and your loved one.

Just take a look at The Funny Sign’s website, stop by any of our retail locations today or browse our selection online. You’re sure to find the perfect gift to turn a chilly winter’s day into a bright and warm summer’s day with the help of humorous signs!

Make Your Valentine Laugh This Valentine’s Day with Rustic Word Pillows

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner? It seems like we just celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas! But here we are at the start of a new year. For your favorite honey this Valentine’s Day, why not buy him or her rustic word pillows from The Funny Sign? Here are a few reasons making your Valentine laugh is one of the best gifts you can give.

It doesn’t matter what your Valentine is into. Rustic word pillows will tickle just about anyone’s funny bone. We have rustic word pillows for moose fans, fishermen, horse fans, dog and cat fans, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and more. Do you have a Valentine who is hard to shop for or is especially picky? These hilariously adorable rustic word pillows might just be the perfect gift!

Why do rustic word pillows make such a great gift? For one thing, they’re funny! And for another, they add the right touch to any home’s décor. Rustic word pillows are cute and will fit in with just about any decorating scheme, and when people read them, they are sure to have a good chuckle over the funny sayings and designs.

Plus, you can get free shipping on any orders that are $79 or more! It’s a win-win gift-giving situation for everyone involved.

Here are just a few of the rustic word pillows we have for sale.

A rustic word pillow for the motorcycle lover in your life:

So you like to tease your brother? This rustic word pillow could be the perfect gift to remind him he’s stuck with you no matter what!

How about this rustic word pillow for that pet lover you know who seems to have everything?

And for your nature-loving Valentine, try this rustic word pillow…

Visit our online store or call us at 1-888-838-4067 to place your rustic word pillows order! Remember, it’s never too early to start shopping for Valentine’s Day!

Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Gift of Laughter

What do laughter and exercise have in common? There are several things, but the main one is they both can boost your health! There is a reason the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” is a cliché and a timeless classic. We here at The Funny Signdefinitely agree that when it comes to feeling better, few things help more than a good chuckle and the gift of laughter.

The gift of laughter can help alleviate stress by decreasing the amounts of the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine. This, in turn, can help improve your immune system’s function. Plus, laughing at stressful situations is a great way to cope. When you laugh, that’s a good way of whistling in the dark.

Like exercise, the gift of laughter can also help improve your heart’s health by helping to lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation. It seems that laughter can help the tissue that lines your blood vessels expand, which allows for your blood to flow better.

Laughter is also a good source of aerobic exercise. If you laugh 100 times, it equals 15 minutes on a stationary bike or 10 minutes on a rowing machine, according to a Journal of Women’s Health article published in the July 29, 2004 issue. Plus, the gift of laughter can help to clear up your respiratory system, even just temporarily.

And if you’re in some pain, take the time to read a funny joke or watch a funny movie. That’s because laughing can help with pain relief by releasing endorphins. Laughter also can help alleviate feelings of anger and fear, so you’re better able to cope with the painful, negative or stressful situation.

So if you want to give the gift of laughter – to yourself or someone else – take the time to share a joke or watch a funny movie with someone you love. Or you can head over to The Funny Sign and buy a thoughtful and humorous gift that will be sure to tickle anyone’s funny bone! Just visit our online store to see what we have in stock!

The Perfect White Elephant Gift Exchange Gift

Are you participating in a White Elephant Gift Exchange this year? This tradition, also known as a Yankee Swap, is a popular party game for many companies, families and friends around the holiday season. It’s an easy way for a large group of people to exchange gifts without everyone spending a lot of money. If you’re looking for the perfect White Elephant Gift Exchange this year, stick with some funny home decor from The Funny Sign.

The Game
For those unfamiliar with a White Elephant Gift Exchange, we’ll explain the basics of the game. Each person brings a wrapped gift to the exchange, usually valued at a predetermined amount of money. All of the gifts are placed in the “pot” or gift box, filled with available gifts. Before the game begins, you write numbers (one for each participant) on scrap pieces of paper. Allow each participant to choose a number, and that will be the order in which people can choose their gifts.

Once the game begins, the person who drew the number one will get to go first. They’ll choose a gift and open it. Then the person with the number 2 on their paper will go next. They have a choice to take their chances by choosing an unopened gift from the pile of available gifts, or they can steal the gift that was just opened. There are many variations on the rules from there. Your group of participants will have to decide how the game plays out, like how many times a gift can be “stolen.”

Traditionally, White Elephant Gift Exchanges are notorious for tacky, inexpensive and under-appreciated gifts. The spending limit for this type of exchange is usually very low, thus resulting in trinkets as gifts or previously owned items being wrapped and re-gifted.

Game Changer
Do you want everyone fighting over your gift this year? Buy a funny sign! We have a wide variety of funny signs and funny home decor to sweeten the pot. You won’t go over budget, and you’ll have a high-quality gift, sure to be the envy of everyone playing the game.

Give the gift of laughter this holiday season! Stop by any of our retail locations today, or browse our selection online.

Funny Home Décor: The Easiest Way to Brighten Up Your Home

We’ve all heard the old saying that laughter is the best medicine. But did you know it’s also the best way to decorate your home? Few things in life are more pleasant than sharing a joke and some laughs with your family and friends! Laughter is a great stress-reliever and can help people form emotional bonds with one another. The Funny Sign has plenty of funny home decorations to enhance your funny home décor – it’s not just a clever name!
Funny home décor can brighten up even the most somber of homes. When you add a funny sign or two (or three… or four…), the laughter you’ll hear when your guests see them will add an intangible design element to your home: one that you can’t buy no matter how much you spend.
The Funny Sign sells plenty of humorous signs that will help liven up your funny home décor. Here are just a few of our favorites:


Give this one to your closest friend to show him or her how you really feel about your friendship!

Best Friends Box

Hang this one up in your living room to show people you have a deep philosophical side.Dream of Better World

This one is great for your kitchen. What makes it even funnier is that it is so very true!


This is an oldie but goodie. Hang this one up near your husband’s man cave, just to remind him who’s really in charge!Fish without a bicycle

 This one is good for the foyer: a friendly reminder to your guests to remove their shoes!Remove your shoes

And if these don’t tickle your fancy, we have plenty of other funny signs to help you personalize your funny home décor to your unique style, taste and sense of humor. If you need more information, give us a call at (888) 838-4067. If you want to see what other people are buying, you can also visit the Bestsellers section of our website!

Funny Signs this Thanksgiving

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? If so, you have a lot of things to be thinking about. We hate to remind you, but Thanksgiving is swiftly approaching! While you’re preparing the house before your guests arrive, don’t forget the funny signs and home decor. In this blog, we’re going to cover some way to incorporate funny hanging signs this Thanksgiving.

Hang a Funny Sign

Do you have some funny signs you’ve been meaning to hang? Get them up before Thanksgiving dinner! Surprise your guests with an extra side of laughter with their turkey. Those who have a sense of humor will surely appreciate the silly, sassy and sarcastic signs we have available. These signs are sure to lighten the mood and spark a conversation.

Take a Moment

On Thanksgiving Day, take a moment to reflect on some of the funny signs you have hanging around your home. Pause to laugh. Share the time you have with your family and friends this Thanksgiving in a good, lighthearted mood. Take a minute away from all of the business of hosting Thanksgiving dinner and just breath. Laughter can be the best cure for a busy host or hostess.

Gather Gift Ideas

Christmas is only about a month away at this point. Over the Thanksgiving holiday you’ll probably have many of your closest friends and family together. This is the perfect time to start gathering gift ideas. Think of some subtle questions to find out what they need in terms of home decor. This way, you can help supplement with funny signs, pillows, frames and more!

Are you looking for funny signs and home decor for your Thanksgiving feast? Browse our selection online or stop by any one of our retail locations. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call 1-888-838-4067.

Gifts for Friends: Primitives by Kathy

What do you love most about your closest friends? That’s probably a pretty tough question to answer. There are so many things that we rely on our friends for throughout the year. As you’re shopping for gifts for them this holiday season, keep Primitives by Kathy in mind. These hilarious hanging and box signs make the perfect heartfelt gift. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the reasons we all love our best friends.

They Can Keep a Secret

A good friend is a good listener. They know what to say to make us feel better, but also know what they can and cannot share with others. Our closest friends know the “real us,” but they love us anyway. And the good news is they’ll never be able to get rid of us because of all the knowledge we hold. Life-long friendships are strengthened during the good and bad times.

They Know How to Make Us Laugh

Sometimes the best way to deal with a situation is by just laughing at ourselves. Our best friends can help remind us of that. When life gets too hard, or stressful, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. A great friend knows exactly how and when to administer that kind of laugh therapy, even if it’s at our expense sometimes.

As Close as Family

Sometimes we have friends who get so close they grow to be more like family. They become the brothers and sisters we got to choose on our own. We interact with them the way we would a sibling. We listen to our closest friends differently and respect what they have to say. But we can also fight like family. At the end of the day, it’s love that keeps us together as a family.

Browse our online selection or call us at 1888-838-4067 for any information you need about Primitives by Kathy.

Decorating for Halloween with Funny Signs

Are you scared of things that go bump in the night? October brings tricks, treats and frights. Halloween is just around the corner and it can be a dreary holiday. Combat its bleakness with some funny signs. Just because it’s supposed to be a spooky time of year doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. Check out our online selection of funny signs to help brighten up Halloween.

Normal Family

Is your family more like the Addams Family than the Waltons? We know what that’s like. But, the outside world doesn’t know any better. Play it cool. Every family has their little quirks. Some families are odder than others but at the end of the day, a family that’s quirky together stays together. Don’t let the rest of the world in on your inside joke; as far as they know, you’re a nice normal family, remember?

Welcoming Cabin in the Woods

Not every cabin in the woods is a nightmare waiting to happen. Cabins can be a place to come together, relax and have fun. We’ve never run into a maniac in the woods at any of our cabins. Enjoy a serene get away, and don’t worry about any of the scary stuff. This Halloween, forget the haunts and enjoy the cabin. You’ll be glad you did!

Getting Through Halloween

Don’t care for Halloween at all? If witches, ghouls and ghosts are not up your alley, forget about it. Halloween is just one day. Do more of what you love. Enjoy the changing of the seasons. There are plenty of other things to look forward to in Fall. Decorate with pumpkins, acorns and fall colors instead. The beauty of fall is unmatched. So, take advantage of it in any way you can.

In need of some funny signs this Halloween? Visit us at any one of our retail locations or browse our selection online.