Dogs vs Cats – Signs of Favoritism

Pet Signs for Home – Dogs Vs Cats

Are you a ‘dog person’ or a ‘cat person’?  Everyone seems to fall into one of those two categories, even if you enjoy both.  Over the years we’ve found that signs and pillows featuring dog and cat themes sell pretty well.  Is there a difference between the two, though, in the sentiments expressed? Let’s take a look at what’s available for dogs from Primitives by Kathy:


remove shoes dog chew all-you-need-box-sign-16347_1160


Interesting…dogs seem to be great motivators…don’t let your worries get to you, unconditional love is pretty great, etc.  How do cats make a person feel?

Aha!  Now we’re getting somewhere.  Cats are picky; they don’t slobber all over at a single twitch of your finger you like a dog would.  That being said, can you think of a time when a dog didn’t want to snuggle?  Now tell me how “easy” it is to snuggle a cat.  Both sides have their strong points.  I think it boils down to how you feel about this sentiment:

And then there are the ‘chicken people’.  They’re a whole other story.