Pets are Part of the Family: Why We Love Our Furry Friends

About 1/3 of the population here in the United States owns a pet, and for good reason! We here at The Funny Sign love our furry friends and we celebrate them with Primitives by Kathy Dog and Cat Signs. Here are a few reasons so many of us own pets and why they are good for us.

Did you know that having a pet can actually decrease your kids’ risk of developing allergies by as much as 33%? Studies show that children who are exposed to animals at a young age will generally develop stronger immune systems.

Pets are also a great way to meet other people and develop a sense of friendship and community with fellow pet owners. It’s a common bond that many people share, and it can help break the ice when it comes to social interaction. You can meet fellow pet lovers online, at training classes, in the dog park and in many other locations! (One of these Primitives by Kathy Dog and Cat Signs reminds everyone that when you own a pet, your heart belongs to them!)

Pets are good for your heart too! Studies show that owning a pet is good for your overall heart health. Pet owners have lower cholesterol levels, as well as lower blood pressure, than non-pet owners. This can help reduce the risk of having a heart attack in the future. (We think one of these Primitives by Kathy Dog and Cat Signs is a great way to remember that loving our pets is good for our heart!)

Dogs are great for your overall physical health. People who regularly walk their dogs have less of a chance of being obese. And that means fewer health problems overall for those lucky folks! Pets also lower your likelihood of being depressed. They can give you a sense of love and purpose, and they are also great to help you feel like you have a bond with another living creature. (Here is yet another one of our Primitives by Kathy Dog and Cat Signs that seems appropriate!)

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