Primitives by Kathy Box Signs

While browsing Pinterest, looking for home decorating inspiration, we came across some creative uses for Primitives by Kathy signs. Some Pinterest users are very creative!  The Woods Gifts has a wide variety of Primitives by Kathy box signs for sale and we’re always interested in providing some fun home decorating tips. For this blog post we drew inspiration from some imaginative Pinterest users. We hope you find the information interesting and can gather some inspiration for your own home.

Modern Wall Art Design

One Pinterest user arranged their Primitives by Kathy box signs in a funky, modern design on their wall.  These boxes are chic and have a floating appearance when they are hung. In this particular case, hanging the signs on a light wall really makes the black and white box signs stand out.

Mantle Decoration

While this Pinterest user used a Halloween themed Primitives by Kathy box sign for this design, the basic arrangement can apply all year long.  If you have a mantle you’re probably looking for redecorating ideas from time to time.  Making your Primitives by Kathy box signs the centerpiece of your decorating design can kick the creativity up a notch.

Other Home Surfaces

Some other ideas we saw on Pinterest included Primitives by Kathy box signs on bedside tables, coat racks and more.  They are the perfect addition to any home’s decorating design plan.  Whether you have them hanging on the wall or sitting on a surface in your home, they’re sure to draw the eye.  They are beautifully crafted and will potentially stand out in your home.

If you want to start your own Primitives by Kathy box sign collection, browse our selection online or stop by any one of our retail locations.  If you have any questions you can contact us by calling 1-888-838-4067.

Turn Your Frown Upside Down with Humorous Signs

What’s the best way to turn a cold and gray day into a warm and happy day? Why not shop through The Funny Sign‘s collection of humorous signs?

It’s the dead of winter for most of the country. Some areas are seeing record cold temperatures thanks to the polar vortex. These same areas are also seeing record amounts of snowfall. Day in and day out, it’s the same steel-gray skies, cold temperatures and snow-covered ground. People are bundled up, and it seems like no one has a smile to share anymore.

That’s why we here at The Funny Sign recommend checking out our selection of humorous signs and treating yourself (or someone you love!) to one of these signs. They are guaranteed to make even the chilliest person crack a smile. The physical act of laughing can actually be a great cardio workout. And laughter can definitely help improve people’s moods!

So if you take the time to browse our site and pick out some humorous signs for yourself and someone you love, you can really perk up someone’s otherwise gloomy and dreary day. You can help warm up an otherwise bleak day by giving the gift of humorous signs. It’s an especially nice surprise right after the holidays when most people are not expecting a gift of any sort.

Turn a frown upside down! Humorous signs are definitely the way to go, and with our wide variety, you will find the perfect sign for yourself and your loved one.

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