The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

It’s a little less than a month until Father’s Day! Mark your calendar for Sunday, June 16. If you haven’t thought about what you’re going to get him yet, don’t worry: We have a wide selection of Father’s Day gifts available for dad. Let him know how important he is to you with a funny, creative or inspiring gift from The Funny Sign!

History of Father’s Day

The idea of Father’s Day began around 1910, following the success of Mother’s Day. Most of the credit for the advent of Father’s Day is given to Sonora Dodd, whose father was a Civil War veteran. He raised his six children as a single father, and Dodd thought fathers deserved the same type of recognition mothers do. After many years, and much promotion, President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966 designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. This was then signed into law in 1972. Father’s Day is now celebrated annually around the world.

Say Thank You

Thank him for all he’s done for you over the years. If you need inspiration for a Father’s Day gift, browse through out selection of amusing signs. These signs would be perfect for around the home, office, cabin or man cave. Give him something that will make him laugh and think of you every time he sees it.

Show Dad You Care

We have a section of our site dedicated to gift ideas for dad. Dad has been there for you through it all. He’s supported you through all of life’s problems. Let him know how much you care by thinking of him on Father’s Day. Take the time to choose a gift he will use and appreciate. If you’re tired of buying him knickknacks that are set on a shelf, it’s time for some creative thinking this year. We have this decorative fan, and many Father’s Day gifts like it, that are truly unique.

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Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Mom

This is your official reminder that Mother’s Day is in less than a week! Your mother has done so much for you over your lifetime, so let her know you appreciate her. If you’re looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t put off getting her something any longer. Go beyond the normal card and flowers idea this Mother’s Day with a unique gift from The Funny Sign. There are all kinds of gifts to inspire your mother or make her laugh.

Framed Quotes

Framed quotes are something that any mother would love. They go with any home decor and every time she looks at it, she’ll think of you. We have a variety of framed quotes from which to choose. There are some that have quotes about family on them that will show her how much you really care. If your mother loves to laugh, then maybe she would enjoy a quote from Dr. Seuss. Some inspiring quotes from Mother Teresa can lift her spirits.


We have signs for any home or office! There are ones for animal lovers, those with a sense of humor and more! These signs can be hung or set around the home. They are easy to decorate with, and most of them don’t go out of season. Give your mother a gift that she can use year round. These signs come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you’ll find something perfect for your mother.

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